Designers and Crew

Our dedicated design team can be hired for your production, bringing a breath of fresh air to history or Military History Films, T.V series, short films or any event - We live and breath history.

SPARKEFILMS has built, not only one of Australia's largest military costume houses, but a specialist Crew that can be hired to achieve our famous look on screen.

Hire the uniforms and the team to bring it to life on screen. We constantly research history, ensuring your production gets exactly what you need.

Costume Designer, Production Designer, Military dressers, Set Costumers, Webbing team and more are standing by to work on your production.

Wildbear Entertainment

Tracey is an outstanding asset to any production. Her calm demeanour, immaculate eye, attention to the smallest details and her relentless appetite for historical accuracy is incredibly valuable to any production she works on. I know of countless producers and directors who would similarly testify to this.The woman is unquestionably the best Military (all wars and theatres of conflict!) Costume Designer in Australia. She is also an outstanding Civilian Costume Designer.I have worked with Tracey for many years and have never felt in safer hands. The woman and her impeccable team have risen above and beyond in all aspects of their input to all the productions we have collaborated on. Always calmly, politely and with incredible energy and enthusiasm. In fact, quite often the most accommodating department on set.Serge OuExecutive Producer/PrincipalWildbear Entertainment

Engel Entertainment

We are just finishing up our edit on the History Channel show that we worked on with you and I was compelled to write to tell you how wonderful the footage looks. The actors, the Props, the costumes are flawless down to the last detail. In our line of work we have the opportunity to collaborate with many companies on our re-enactments but I can honestly say I've never had a more positive experience or a more wonderful outcome than we had working with you. Your dedication, professionalism and passion really show in the final product. Not to mention what a incredible asset and pleasure you and your team were to have on set." Meredith Fisher Producer Engel Entertainment New York

Animax Films Pty Limited

What you and your team brought to this production was nothing less than incredible, the accuracy at which you recreated all elements of wardrobe, Props and film soldiers from the period really made this production work...I can assure you that without you and your team, this film would not be the outstanding film that it is. Damien Lay CEO Animax Films Pty Limited 'The Battle of Long Tan'

Electric Pictures Pty Ltd

Sparkefilms have worked on three major television productions that Electric Pictures has produced: "Singapore 1942", "Desert War" and "The War That Changed Us". All of these programmes are dramatised military history documentaries and all have been greatly enhanced by Sparkefilms expertise as costume designers. They have a truly wonderful range of costumes in their collection and take great pride in making sure that when they dress actors for a period drama it not only looks but is totally authentic.Andrew OgilvieCEOElectric Pictures Pty Ltd

Featherstone Productions

"A special thanks to you and your team for proving the wardrobe that gives this film the ‘right’ look. I’m sure the vets will appreciate it as do I!"Best wishes,Don FeatherstoneDirector - 'KOKODA' [ABC - 2010]Featherstone Productions